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Pam Zambetti, Artist


 My life has been enveloped in the business and creation of art.  As a Studio Art Graduate from Florida State University, my paintings have been influenced by vast travel and decorative design experience. Post grad studies in Arts Administration fueled my desire to serve as advocate for my fellow local artists. 


Over the past 8 years I served as Marketing Director for the Southlight Gallery. And since October of 2013 I have been the official weekly "Art & Culture" tour guide for Jacksonville Walking Tours.  Now as one of the many studio artists in Jacksonville's CoRK Arts District I am the official guide for CoRK Tours, offering private and group tours to view all three galleries and available studios.  I thrive best when I am able to both cultivate and create.

In an environment where beauty in art is not oft taken seriously, I dare to paint beautiful, sensual, expressive and often humorous messengers.  

While I have been flattered to find the occasional viewer to compare my blooms to the great Georgia O’Keefe, in no way am I attempting such a feat.  I am more inspired by the likes of Mae West, and I have chosen to add her words for my Sensual series. 

I am bold. I like to flirt and I like to laugh.  I have had much fun painting this colorful, flirtatious series that reflects my passion for arousing others.  And of course, I thoroughly love getting a rise out of watching others reacting to my messengers. 

My latest project will be ongoing.  The study of faces with character.  I am enjoying capturing these facial messengers!  

Pam Zambetti      Zstudio


"It's not what I do, but the way I do it. It's not what I say, but the way I say it." -   Mae West

These works are available for purchase through my store, link above.   

Free delivery to Jacksonville area